A Swiss Bank Vault in Your Pocket [but Without the Bank]

The first hardware wallet worthy of your crypto

Ultra secure

Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Auth



Secure Beneficiary

Simple. Easy. Secure.

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Five Reasons to Upgrade to Keevo's Next-Gen Crypto Wallet

State-of-the-Art Security

Ultra Secure Self-Custody Digital ID and Private Key Management

 At the heart of Keevo’s revolution in security is our patent-pending Multi-Factor / Multi-Signature Authentication system.  And, with our dual chip architecture, private keys are never stored anywhere!  Instead, they’re created for every transaction with any 3 out of 4 Factors which never leave Keevo’s EAL 5+ secure MCU and Carbon Key™ 

✓ Something You Have (Keevo Wallet)

✓ Something You Know (Strong PIN)

✓ Something Unique to You (Biometric)

✓ Something You Store (Carbon Key™)

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Breakthrough Paperless Recovery

Groundbreaking Carbon Key Recovery System

Say goodbye to the anxiety and hassle of managing seed phrases and storing paper recovery cards.  These are not only inconvenient to create and store, but insanely insecure!  

Encrypt and store your unique biometric data and strong passwords on Keevo’s novel Carbon Key™ backup device.  And, take your safety  and convenience to the next level by signing up from our Secure Storage Service where we’ll backup your encrypted data and store your Carbon Key™ in one of Iron Mountain’s 1,480+ enterprise-grade, geo-dispersed vaults.

Learn more about Keevo paperless recovery and secure storage service.

World's Most Secure Beneficiary Service

Peace of Mind by knowing your Heirs will Inherit your crypto Securely and Confidentially

Simply name a beneficiary and have them encrypt Their PIN and fingerprint on Your Keevo Carbon Key™.    When the day comes (and, sadly it will come for all of us) , Keevo will validate your death, send your Carbon Key™ to your beneficiary and  co-sign with them to securely and confidentially transfer your crypto.  Your heirs will inherit your crypto After you die, but without you ever having to share Any private information with Anyone (e.g., passwords, seed phrases, private keys,…) Before you die.

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Supported Crypto Assets

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Simple. Easy. Secure.

Finally, a Digital Wallet Worthy of Your Crypto

Keevo’s sleek design and advanced features make it easy to use and beautiful to behold. The device's precision-cast zinc alloy case, glass-fiber reinforced ABS body and internal steel reinforcement provide the durability and protection you expect to secure your valuable crypto assets.  The intuitive software interface, color touch panel display, lithium ion battery and SSD flash memory make Keevo simple, fun and easy to use.  And, for our first 1,000 Limited Edition customers only, we’re offering an exclusive,  numbered leather and alcantara display case. 

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