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A Quantum Leap in Crypto Security & Convenience

Paperless recovery and native beneficiary functionality with multiple factors of authentication. Easy to setup and use. 


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Keevo is a HUGE step forward in security and convenience – it's a ground breaking, premium hardware wallet. We know because we manage millions in fiat currency crypto value. Keevo dramatically increases the security and ease of managing your digital identity and crypto assets.

Yao Meng

 CEO / Co-founder of Trade Terminal.

A Quantum Leap in Convenience

Say goodbye to paper seed phrases

Keevo’s novel Carbon Key™ completely replaces paper seed phrases with a breakthrough system that is more secure & easy to use --  entirely eliminating the anxiety and hassle of handling the most insecure aspect of traditional hardware wallets: the piece of paper.  And, Keevo’s LCD color touch screen display, bluetooth wireless connectivity and lithium-ion battery make managing your crypto assets a breeze.

A Quantum Leap in Security

Say hello to multi-factor, multi-sig auth

At the core of Keevo’s revolutionary new security is our patent-pending Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Authentication System (“MF/MSA”). Signing any transaction with Keevo is simple, with at least 3 of 4 unique factors. This way and in case your Keevo is lost or stolen, no one can hack your digital identity or steal your crypto.  But, you can easily restore your private keys with your detachable Keevo Carbon Key, fingerprint and strong PIN.

Keevo Digital Vault

Something You Have

Fingerprint Sensor

Something Unique to You

Strong Password

Something You Know

Keevo Carbon Key™

Something You Store

A Quantum Leap in Privacy

Your self-sovereign digital vault

Keevo is like having your own private Swiss bank vault in your pocket.  No one else, anywhere -- online or off -- can access your private keys.  They are completely air gapped and securely encrypted on your Keevo. You need your MF/MSA signatures to sign any transaction.  And, with Keevo’s premium service, we’ll protect and store your Carbon Key in one of our storage facilities dispersed across the globe and protected by our chain of custody system.

A Quantum Leap in Design

Premium wallet worthy of your digital assets

Keevo’s unrivaled, premium design takes inspiration from a precious bar of metal similar to a gold ingot. Our high quality CNC machined aluminum-alloy with bead-blasted finish and glass-fiber reinforced ABS enclosure provides unprecedented durability and beauty all in the size of a credit card. Keevo is laser sealed with a 2-stage adhesive and IP65 ingress protection for water and dust-tight everyday use to protect from fire or any tampering.

A Quantum Leap in Technology

A New Peace of Mind

Keevo’s patent-pending Multi-factor / Multi-Sig Authentication system unlocks a new level of security while solving many pain points in managing your digital identity and crypto assets like paperless recovery, multi-signature support, and secure beneficiary transfers.

Fast Setup

Securely set up Keevo in minutes with a strong password and your fingerprint.  And, you can also easily and securely store these encrypted keys on your , Keevo Carbon Key (included).

No Paper Seed Phrases

Eliminates the anxiety of securely storing and conveniently recovering your private keys while dramatically increasing security.

Hacker Protection

Sophisticated threat detection, anti-malware counter-measures, tamper detection system.

Paperless Backup & Recovery

Keevo eliminates the anxiety of securely storing and conveniently recovering your private keys while dramatically increasing security. If your Keevo wallet or the Keevo Carbon Key are stolen, there’s no way for anyone to access your private keys and steal your crypto assets; they're all securely encrypted AND require YOU to unlock them with your strong PIN and biometric fingerprint that’s unique to you.

Fast & Easy setup

Securely setup your Keevo in minutes. Our touchscreen makes it a snap.

Secure Storage

Not sure where to store your Carbon Key? Every pre-ordered Keevo comes with 6 months of premium service for free. And, with our enterprise-grade secure storage backup services, your assets are safe.

Limited Edition Keevo


Content of the box

1 Keevo, 1 Carbon Key, 1 USB cable

Touch screen

Premium 2.8” capacitive touchscreen protected with Gorilla Glass

Weight & Dimensions

Heftier than a credit card, sexier than a wallet.

Collector’s case

Premium case & box worthy of your crypto


Machined aluminum and glass-fiber ABS enclosure 


64-bit Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Beneficiary & Recovery Support

Never share your pin

Securely generate keys dedicated to your beneficiary. Thanks to Keevo’s patented multi-factor/multi-signature authentication system, you will never need to share your pin with anyone. 

Secure verification

Optional premium services from Keevo will securely verify the beneficiary and release the Carbon Key from cold storage in case of death.

Lost pin recovery

Forgot your pin? Use Keevo’s premium service to securely release your Carbon Key to you to restore access to your assets.

Multi-user authorization

Keevo makes it easy to manage company assets with multi-signature support. Require 3 of 5 or K of N to authorize transactions. 

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Multi asset

Keevo supports an extensive list cryptocurrency assets.

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Security by Design.
Security by Default.

Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Auth

Patented security schema (MFSA) enables Keevo to offer the only multi-factor authentication solution in the market.

Deep Security

Your cryptographic secrets are never exposed to the outside world.

Air Gapped

Your private keys never leave the device

Malware Protection

Initialization & configuration is fully done on secure environment in the device

Independently Audited

Audited by industry leading security researchers

Technical Details

Biometric & Pin
Pin code and fingerprint are required to access your Keevo wallet
No Seed Phrase!
Keevo’s Carbon Key eliminates the need to have a seed phrase by backing up the required recovery to a secondary encrypted memory unit.

Secure Element 

Based on a dual chip architecture (Trust P/STM33, Certification level: CC EAL5+), the firmware integrity is guaranteed by cryptographic aoestation 

AES/U2F encrypted private communications at HSM layer 

Completely air-gapped. Your private keys never leave the device 

Protected from Malware 

Initialization or restore of your configuration is fully done on the secure environment of Keevo. Your cryptographic secrets are never exposed to the outside world 

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BitKey Bank, Inc.
San Francisco, CA USA

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See the future of virtual asset security  

A Quantum Leap in Control

The world’s first crypto beneficiary service

Multi-sig is leveraged in a way that has never been done before – to create a beneficiary. Your beneficiary can encrypt their strong PIN and fingerprint directly onto your Keevo and Carbon Key. Using Keevo's Premium service, your beneficiary can certify your death and restore your private keys with their encrypted signatures.

Keevo’s state-of-the-art technology provides unmatched security and convenience

2.8" color touch screen for improved usability & transaction security

Embedded fingerprint sensor

Dual chip architecture with 2 triple-core secure processors

Air-gapped security

Carbon Key™
With encrypted keys and 4th factor used for paperless recovery

Top 10 Next Generation Features

Unlike anything you've seen before.


Dual Chip Architecture with 2 Triple-Core Secure Processors

Two separate high-end security micro control units from leading suppliers; same chips used to secure passports and credit cards.


Air-gapped security

All private keys are securely isolated inside Keevo’s secure elements (CC EAL5+ certified).  Private keys never leave the Keevo device or are cloud synchronized/ communicated via internet or stored in any databases off the device.


Sophisticated threat detection and counter-measure protection systems

Hardware and software multi-model tamper detection system using light, vibration & filaments with dedicated power supply and content purge/locked down protocols. Hackers don’t stand a chance.


Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

Keevo’s first-in-class biometric sensor provides an added layer of security and is one of four key factors in Keevo’s patent-pending Multi - Factor / Multi - Sig Authentication System.


Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 antenna & USB-C secure connectivity

Access your digital vault and manage your crypto assets from anywhere, anytime wirelessly or by connecting to virtually any device.


Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Provides the ultimate convenience and ease of untethered access for up to a month of typical use and fast re-charging.


Premium Display

2.8” LCD color display with capacitive touch screen for improved usability & transaction security.


Keevo Carbon Key™

No need for any paper seed phrases ever again.  Impenetrable electronic information transfer and encrypted key storage.


Secure U2F encrypted end-to-end communication

Both one-way and mutual authentication -- between software and hardware wallet components over USB and BLE.


Extensive cryptographic accounts*

Keevo aims to support following crypto-currencies at launch:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Ripple (XRP)
Litecoin (LTC)
Stellar Lumens (XLM)
Cardano (ADA)
Monero (XMR)

Dash (DASH)
Zcash (ZEC)
Digibyte (DGB)
Qtum (QTUM)
Wanchain (WAN)
Vechain (VET)
OmiseGo (OMG)
Tron (TRX)
Ontology (ONT)

And many others...

*Coin support at launch is subject to change.


Our roadmap for the Keevo platform is full of additional product extensions and new feature enhancements including smaller form factors such as mini Keevos and micro Bit Keys, multiple beneficiary services, enterprise multi-signature authentication solutions, additional chain-of-custody, secure document signature controls and other use cases leveraging our MF/MSA system, and simple and secure solutions for additional virtual assets beyond crypto currencies (e.g. contracts, deeds, titles, medical records, etc.).

And, our Top 10 list goes to 11!

Each Limited Edition Keevo comes with an exclusive, numbered device and a customized permanent case where you can store your Keevo digital vault, connectors, and accessories. This premium case features a full-grain leather cover and alcantara-lined storage area for the Keevo Device, USB-C cable, and additional room for other small accessories and devices that help you manage and securely store your digital identity and virtual assets.  Our first launch customers will also have the opportunity to request a custom engraved nameplate along with the inscribed number identifying your unique Keevo device number as it comes off the production line.

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