Service Plans

Our additional services add an extra layer of convenience and security to your Keevo. There's nothing else like it on the market.

Limited Time Offer

Another benefit of being a pre-order customer

Customers who pre-order a Limited Edition Keevo will get a one year FREE trial of Keevo Care and Storage and Beneficiary included with their purchase ($139.98 USD value).  Other Keevo pre-order customers can still purchase the services from the desktop app after they set up their Keevo. 

*Customers who pre-ordered in 2019 receive additional benefits.

Keevo Care Extended Warranty

Enjoy The Peace-of-Mind of Our Keevo Care Program

While every Keevo comes with repair coverage through its limited 90-day warranty, Keevo Care members get Keevo Care's extended warranty for the full year. 

Keevo Care coverage includes:

- Keevo-certified service

- Priority access to technical support

- Battery service coverage

- Screen repair or replacement

Keevo Care Theft & Loss

Replace Your Lost or Stolen Keevo Wallet at a Discounted Price

Keevo Care with Theft and Loss enables Keevo Care subscribers to order one replacement Keevo for $119 (or 60% off the full retail price) in case of accidental damage, theft, or loss during the term.

Secure Storage and Backup Recovery

Powered by Iron Mountain - An Industry Leader in Secure Cold Storage

Keevo will store subscriber's Carbon Keys in one of our enterprise-grade, geo-dispersed storage facilities and premium vaults.   This allows for redundant storage with full end-to-end, private and secure chain-of-custody control for your Carbon Key. Send your Carbon Key to Iron Mountain in the special recovery case and package included with your Keevo. Simply request return whenever you need it.

World's First Secure Beneficiary Service

Members can name a  beneficiary and enable them to encrypt their own strong PIN and biometric information on a member’s Carbon Key™.  In the unfortunate case of a member’s death, the beneficiary can then restore a member's private keys and gain access to their crypto.  And, the member can have this peace of mind without ever having to share any private information (e.g., their private key or PIN) with the beneficiary -- or anyone else -- before their death .

Learn more about our beneficiary service