Say goodbye to the hassle, insecurity and anxiety of managing seed phrases and storing paper recovery cards


Simple Setup

User encrypts their information on Carbon Key and sends to Keevo


Secure Storage

Keevo stores user's Carbon Key in one of Iron Mountain's 1400+ Secure Vaults


Convenient Recovery

If you ever need your Carbon Key, just ask one of our concierges and we'll send it back.


12 to 24 word mnemonic seed phrases can be used to recover lost keys or missing wallets. Most hardware wallets come with a paper recovery card to save these seed phrases.

But, writing down, storing and recovering seed phrases isn’t just a hassle, it’s also incredibly insecure! Anyone who can learn your seed phrase or access your mnemonic can hack your digital identity. And with that, they can steal your assets. And with crypto, there is no ‘undo button’ or recourse from intermediaries like a bank or government. Once it's gone, it's gone forever.


Keevo’s Carbon Key™ Replaces Seed Phrases and Paper Recovery Cards

With Keevo’s groundbreaking paperless recovery solution, you can store your encrypted password and fingerprint along with a 4th unique key share on your Carbon Key.   This custom hardware device can be securely stored and replaces all of the effort of writing down a seed phrase. Say goodbye to the anxiety that comes from needing to securely store a piece of paper. It’s not only much simpler, but much more secure.


Add even more security and convenience with our secure Carbon Key storage service. With more than 1,480 facilities and 120 exabytes of data in ~50 countries, Iron Mountain is an ideal strategic partner for this one-of-a-kind service. For less than $6 per month, Keevo and Iron Mountain will:

  • Store member’s Carbon Keys™ in one of Iron Mountain’s temperature-controlled secure vaults
  • Securely store that backup in an air-gapped database
  • Provide 24/7 security and chain of custody controls
  • Offer convenient retrieval and re-storage options
  • With this unprecedented security, complete privacy and high touch concierge service, subscribers can rest assured their private keys will never be lost or stolen and their crypto assets will remain safe no matter what happens too their Keevo wallet.

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