State-of-The-Art Hardware Security

Powerful Technology Provides Unmatched Security and Convenience

The Tech Behind Keevo

State-of-The-Art Software Security

Keevo's Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Auth leverages Shamir's Secret Sharing algorithm to split your private keys into 4 Key Shares:  one that's stored on your Keevo wallet's secure MCU, another encrypted with your PIN, a third encrypted with your fingerprint and the fourth stored on your Carbon Key.  Any 3 out of 4 key shares will recreate your Private Keys.  For every day use, simply enter your PIN and fingerprint on your Keevo wallet.  

And, never worry if your wallet is lost or stolen.  Your private keys can’t be hacked by anyone without your PIN and fingerprint.   You -- and only you --  can easily restore your private keys on a replacement Keevo.  Just connect your Carbon Key and enter your PIN and Fingerprint. 

Safety Matters

Once it’s Gone, It’s Gone Forever!

The very security and anonymity  built into the blockchain technology underpinning crypto also means you need to keep your private keys secure and private. 

While custodian solutions and software wallets are popular due to their convenience,  they create centralized “honeypots” of keys and large attack surfaces that attract hackers and fraud.   Even some of the largest providers have been hacked.  According to CipherTrace, nearly $4.5B in crypto was stolen in  the first half of 2019, up from only $1.7B in all of 2018.

Exchange Customers Across the Globe Suffer Major Losses from Cyber Attacks

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