‘Cards Against Humanity’ Badass Gets Full NFT Treatment

You loved her when playing Cards Against Humanity, hoping you could drop the perfect caption to pair with her combination angel/devil expression in front of a raging house fire. 

Maybe it was a go-to meme for your Twitter account, dropping Disaster Girl in front of … just about anything. 

Back in 2007, the photo was taken during a ‘controlled burn’ in Zoe Ruth’s North Carolina neighborhood, so no unintended property was destroyed; however, the wake of the fire has now provided two pop-culture icons: her devilish grin in the foreground of disaster, and her follow-up NFT that sold for ~$500,000. 

From the New York Times

The meme sold for 180 Ether, a form of cryptocurrency, at an auction on April 17 to a user identified as @3FMusic. As with any currency, the value of Ether fluctuates, but as of Thursday, 180 Ether was valued at more than $495,000. The Roths retained the copyright and will receive 10 percent of future sales.

Headlines around NFTs will only grow in volume -- as will sales of Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

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