Enter the Skull Collection: Keevo Partners with Artist Amy Karle for an Original NFT Collection

For all the disruptive cycles of the crypto-world, it is NFTs that fuse artists, technology, investors, and collectors in immutable symbiosis. This is why, for our first NFT collection, we’ve partnered with an artist built for the Metaverse.

Meet Amy Karle. As a highly acclaimed, ultra-Contemporary artist, we could tell right away that she is set to become one of the leading female artists in the blockchain space. She’s known to operate within the nexus of where digital and biological systems merge, and has already seen her art become a cultural phenomenon in the bio-futurist space and in museums worldwide. Her work has appeared at The Centre Pompidou, The Mori Art Museum, and The Smithsonian — now, she enters the web 3.0 era with her first ever NFT collection.

The Skull Collection - a series of fifteen unique pieces of art -  was created from 3D scans of a human skull examining the meaning of mortality, legacy, and ways of living on within the digital realm, even after physical death.

She is notably the first Bioartist to create NFTs. Karle is the latest to join a wave of innovative creators working with Keevo to verify their profiles and authenticate their artwork with a new Keevo solution, NgraphT.  NgraphT brings together Keevo  next gen crypto hardware wallet, Iron Mountain, Crozier, and Notarize to provide the most trustworthy NFTs on the blockchain.

What does this mean for creators? Essentially, NgraphT helps to prevent NFT fraud, protects creators’ reputations, and ensure that their artwork is properly verified and credited so that authenticity and provenance remains intact.

Well, what does this mean for the other piece of the puzzle — the collectors? NgraphT simplifies the process of verifying authenticity while also ensuring the reliability and safety of their NFTs which are secured by Keevo’s next generation hardware wallet and in the Iron Cloud to ensure that they never lose access to their digital assets — aka negating the risk of rug-pulls and 404 errors.

Amy Karle’s drop presents a collection of digital artworks around life and death, technology, and ephemerality. The value of her heartfelt work alongside her trajectory in the NFT space is projected to continue to skyrocket as she exhibits worldwide with upcoming shows, including her NFT artworks in major museums planned throughout the new year. 

"Mask of Existence" by Amy Karle, 2022
"Mask of Existence" by Amy Karle, 2022 (detail)
"Mask of Existence" by Amy Karle, 2022
"Mask of Existence" by Amy Karle, 2022 (detail)

The collection will be available to purchase through OpenSea starting February 13th for those on the whitelist, and available to the public February 16th, 2022.

Visit https://www.amykarle.com/nft-skull-collection/ and https://ngrapht.keevowallet.com/nft/artist/amy-karle/skull-collection for official links and more details on this can’t-miss digital event.