Why We Built KEEVO (Part 3) — Membership Privileges and Benefits

Introducing Keevo Premium Plus Membership

Read Part 1 HERE for an overview of the Keevo team and vision.

Read Part 2 HERE for more details on Keevo’s solution, the tech behind the device and our Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Authentication system.

And, before diving into Keevo Premium Plus Membership — what it’s all about, what benefits you get, why it’s totally unique and super cool, etc — let’s start by getting two things out of the way:

  1. While membership is exclusively available to Keevo owners, it is entirely optional.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way … why are we so excited to announce our Keevo Premium Plus Membership?

If Multi-Factor/Multi-Sig Auth and paperless recovery weren’t enough, we believe membership in Premium Plus takes Keevo to an entirely new level and provides a roadmap to the future of decentralized identity management and blockchain security. There’s nothing else like it on the market today and the benefits from this membership further help break the forced compromise between security and convenience. And, while we’re excited about the initial DApps that we’re building and will offer Premium Plus Members, we are working to make Keevo Plus a platform upon which many other blockchain developers will build ever more innovative and beneficials DApps in the coming months.

At launch, we are including the first year of Premium Plus Membership as part of the Special Limited Edition Keevo we’re offering at a 60% discount (more on Keevo pre-order pricing in our upcoming posts) so users can give it a try. We’re also offering subscribers an opportunity to win a free Lifetime Premium Plus Membership by participating in our community. The deadline for entering this contest is coming up soon, so sign up now. For those of you who decide to purchase the Standard Keevo, while you will miss out on several significant discounts and exclusive benefits to being a launch member (more on those below), you can still choose to join Keevo Premium Plus in the future for an annual fee of $24.99. And, it’s still a great deal. For just $2.08 per month or less than a cup of coffee, Premium Plus Members will get access to a wealth of benefits to protect their crypto and enhance the ease of managing their digital identities.

As the saying goes, membership has its privileges. And we believe Keevo’s Premium Plus Membership brings many. More specifically, our initial Special Limited Edition Keevo pre-order customers will get access to five significant benefits with their Premium Plus Membership.


Members will get a Discount Key with exclusive, early access to the Keevo DApp Store and discounts on Services specifically designed to leverage the Keevo Vault and our Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Authentication system. These services offer ever greater security and convenience for Keevo Plus Members.

All members will be automatically enrolled into KeevoCare. While every Keevo comes with repair coverage through its limited 90-day warranty, KeevoCare members will get an expanded warranty for the full year of their membership. In addition, KeevoCare provides extended coverage for loss or theft by enabling members to order a replacement Keevo for $129 (or 67% off the full retail price of $399) during the term.


Premium Plus members who pre-order our Special Limited Edition Keevo will also automatically be enrolled in the Premium Vault Storage DApp and their first year of storage service will be included with their membership. With this DApp and service, members can store their Carbon Keys in one of our enterprise-grade, geo-dispersed storage facilities. This allows for redundant storage with full end-to-end, private and secure chain-of-custody for their encrypted sub-keys. And, given the security protocols and encryption of the data on the Keevo Carbon Key, even if someone were able to get a hold of their Carbon Key or access their data, there’s nothing they can do with it. And, even if you were say not to trust us, that’s okay: we won’t take it personally. But, there’s still nothing we can do with your Carbon Key. You still have 100% privacy and unique control of your information. The encrypted sub-keys on a your Carbon Key can only restore your master Private Key if combined with at least two other signatures from two of your three other factors (e.g., your strong PIN, fingerprint and/or Keevo Wallet). However and importantly, if something were to happen to one of those factors, we’d still have you covered. All you as a member would need to do is initiate our restoration service to get your Carbon Key so you can restore your master Private Key by signing in with the other factors.

And while we’re including this as part of our Special Limited Edition Keevo bundle at launch, Keevo owners who decide to join Keevo Premium Plus later can still opt in to purchase Plus Secure Storage for as low as $5.99 per month. So here too — and for less than the cost of breakfast sandwich along with your coffee — Premium Plus Storage members can have peace of mind that your Carbon Key is safe and secure, but also readily available if you need to restore your private keys.


Members who pre-order our Special Limited Edition Keevo at launch will also gain access to the Keevo Premium Plus Beneficiary DApp and your first year of Beneficiary Service included with your membership. Members can then name a beneficiary (e.g., a spouse, significant other, parent, child or friend) and enable them to set up their own Keevo account, create a strong PIN (which only they know) and enter their biometric information (a fingerprint unique to them). All of this data for their beneficiary’s sub-keys will then be encrypted and stored on a member’s Carbon Key which we will store for you in one of our Premium Plus vaults. In the unfortunate case of a member’s death, a beneficiary can authenticate themselves with Keevo to access their account, provide valid proof of the member’s death with an original, apostilled death certificate and request that we send them the member’s Carbon Key to their recovery address associated with their Beneficiary account. Beneficiaries will also have access to the member’s discount key to purchase a replacement Keevo Wallet at a 67% discount. In this case — and without ever having to give the beneficiary — or anyone else — access to your private account information, PIN or fingerprint — you as a member can still enable your Beneficiary to restore the master Private Key and gain access to your digital assets after your death.


Keevo Premium Plus Members will also be able to use your unique Discount Key to gain exclusive discounts and early access to future Keevo products and services. We’re working on a lot of new products and platform DApps that we’re excited to build and offer in the coming months. Some of these include:

  • Unique access to crypto exchanges with discounted fees

We look forward to sharing more details in the coming months as we launch these additional DApps and services and these solutions and benefits become available to Premium Plus Members.


Last but not least, we will also grant members who pre-order our Special Limited Edition Keevo at launch and become Keevo Premium Plus Members a price guarantee that ensures their $24.99 annual Premium Plus Membership renewal fees will never increase. As our initial pre-order launch members, we will always be grateful for your support and committed to giving you access to the best-of-the-best at this initial launch price.

In sum, our mission and purpose with the Keevo Premium Plus Membership is to build a platform that allows members the ability to have self-sovereign control and complete privacy over their digital life in a way that offers them the best security and the most convenience. The Keevo vault is just one piece of this solution. Our Multi-Factor/Multi-Signature Authentication system is the foundation that enables us to start bringing these capabilities and benefits like paperless recovery, secure Carbon Key storage and native beneficiary services to our members. But, they’re only the start of the ecosystem we’re building and planning to deliver value to our members.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Please continue to stay tuned for additional posts in the coming days on our technical specifications, production and delivery roadmap, partnerships, pricing, pre-order launch plan and more.

Learn more and pre-order your Keevo HERE

Invitations and product updates are being released to people who sign-up. Pre-order invitations will start going out later this month (June, 2019).