Why We Do What We Do

We believe that the line between the virtual world and our physical reality is blurring together at a rate that has become problematic under the current architecture of the internet. While the problem is complex and nuanced, distributed ledger technology is the course correction needed to ensure we the people are in control of our thoughts, property, and prosperity.

Our products give customers complete control over their assets and data without compromising on the security or the founding principles of distributed ledger technology.

The products we work on as a company are on the bleeding edge of technology, and that threatens change at every level. 

Keevo’s prime directive is to provide its customers with tools that protect their digital assets. That being said, we have taken the stance of being crypto agnostic, to provide high-level security for all investors regardless of their strategy.  

When making the decision to allocate resources for supporting a new cryptocurrency we listen to our community and ask them to vote on what should be supported and for their feedback. When Keevo adds support for a new cryptocurrency it is not an endorsement of the project, rather it is an effort to suit all different situations and user requests without the constraint of a single protocol.