You Bought It; You Want It - Accessing Your Cryptocurrency Investments

High-end chips, countless hard drives, processors, electrical power plants, solar panels, almost incomparable amount of coding, storage and delivery -- and you haven’t even tapped the exchange/marketplace where you can purchase, control, squirrel away and save your digital investments. 

Bought some crypto. Now what? Can I tie it to a debit card? Maybe a special, likely metallic, credit card? Access to a user’s crypto needs to be streamlined, if it’s to be come even more widespread.

Cryptocurrency should not be a science-fiction moment where “Two Users Enter; One Enter Leaves”. (Though, in fairness, did anyone think a sequel like “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” would be as great as it is??)


Accessing your digital currency investments should not be a death match. It’s a lesson in simple math, though: 

Buy the Crypto Asset + Store Crypto Securely (Keevo) = Withdraw the Crypto

The (hopefully temporary) glitch here is the ease of withdrawal of digital investments that are digitally stored. And, according to major crypto player and backer Mark Cuban, that challenge to ready access for investors is a major block to further widestream adoption of cryptocurrency investment.

Cuban began his Bitcoin exploration earlier than many investors, but his dogged pursuit of Dogecoin’s upside is of recent note,  as well -- as is self-described Dogefather Elon Musk and his enthusiastic take on Doge, Ethereum and cryptocurrency, in general. 

Noted early crypto adopter and player, Robinhood, is taking the question of access/withdrawal quite seriously. Recently, Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev addressed this with his verbal assurance that his company is working hard to streamline crypto withdrawals. (A move Mark Cuban wholly supports.)

What if the crypto -- your digital investments -- remained in your sole control? With a massive, best-of-breed security partner like Iron Mountain that has your back? 

That’s where Keevo’s story can combine with yours, moving toward secure success. Take a look, consider the solution and do what you do -- make the most secure, efficacious result available, via Keevo.