Artist Amy Karle’s Inaugural Exhibition in the Metaverse

We are happy to announce that Amy Karle's Genesis NFT drop, The Skull Collection, has been a great success! The Skull Collection represents Karle's explorations into what happens to our identity from the digital imprints that we leave when we stop existing in the physical world. She juxtaposes the concept of life after death into the context of blockchain technology, asking us to consider the digital remains that we leave behind and what that means for our legacy; using the technology in question as tools in the process of creating the art work.

You may have seen our previous article announcing The Skull Collection prior to the drop.

The collection, which was curated into 15 unique pieces, sold out 50% in the first 30 minutes. Its rapidly growing success has been shared by market makers across the world including Yahoo Finance and Market Watch

Karle has shown in museums worldwide including; The Smithsonian, The Mori Museum, Ars Electronica, and the Centre Pompidou, and is now exhibiting this NFT art collection for her first exhibition in the metaverse!

OnCyber Wake Gallery can be viewed here March 7-21, 2022.
To view The Skull Collection in Wake Gallery, visit then navigate to the center of the main virtual museum and turn right into the gallery. The exhibition is free and is also available in VR.

The digital artworks in “The Skull Collection” explore the meaning of mortality and question the implications of technology on humanity that remains in the digital domain. The artworks are contemplations of how we can transcend the physical into the digital after we die.

There are a few remaining investment pieces from this collection available for auction and sale on OpenSea. Karle’s NFTs are solid investments, as her value in the space is projected to sky-rocket because of her reputation and trajectory as an artist.

Karle is our first Keevotary Verified Creator. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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