Can two people enroll their fingerprints to share access to the same Keevo Wallet?

Unfortunately, NO. You cannot enroll more than one finger print to a Keevo Device.

Only one person and one of their fingerprints (something unique to them) as one of FOUR (4) factors to authenticate themselves and access their crypto assets and the private master key on their wallet. The other THREE (3) factors are the secure key stored on the secure MCU of the Keevo (something they have), a secure password up to 26 characters of upper/lower case letters, numbers or symbols (something they know) and their Carbon Key (TM) (something they store). They can can use ANY 3 of these 4 factor to authenticate themselves and restore their private master key.

That said, we do a have a trustless inheritance service which they can sign up for. It's an optional service that has fee. But if a user opts for this service, they can name beneficiary (say a significant other or spouse) and then they can transfer their crypto to them AFTER they die without first having to share ANY private information with that beneficiary. Rather, the named beneficiary enteres their finrterprint (Something unique to them) and their password (something they know) on the user's Carbon Key. Then, when the owner passes away, the beneficiary can verify their death with Keevo with an original, governmebnt issued death certificate. This is just like many financial and other institutions do and Keevo will sign the Carbon Key and send it to the beneficiary. Then, they can authenticate themselves with their fingerprint and password and they can sigb in and have the owner's crypto transfered to their account.

The good news is however, that we have a partnership with Iron Mountain and , for a small fee, will store your Keevo Carbon Key(TM) for you in one of their secure, enterprise grade and geo-dispersed storage facilities. You can find more out about this service on our website and the Keevo downloadable app here:

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