Can I reset my password if I don't have my seed phrase and my Keevo Wallet AND Carbon key are lost or broken?

Unfortunately, No. You cannot restore or reset the password if you don't have your seed phrase and you don't have at least three (3) of your four (4) factors that you use to verify your Keevo.

Our security model and approach to privacy is that we do not have any of a user's information -- their fingerprint which is unique to them, their Password which only they should know, the Keevo Wallet device which has a secure MCU and is something they should have and then the Carbon Key which is something we have developed as a secure hardware device which should be stored separately. A user must have any three (3) of these four (4) factors.

Their Keevo Wallet device plus their Fingerprint and their Password will work in every day usage and take only a few seconds to sign a transaction securely and privately on their Keevo Device. If, god forbid, they lose their finger or forget their password, or they lose or have their Keevo stolen, they can use the other three (3) factors. But, they have to have at least three (3) factors.

In this question and example, they only have two (2) of the four (4) factors: their fingerprint and password. Because they do not have at least three (3) factors including one of the Keevo Wallet and the Keevo Carbon Key(TM), they won't be able to restore their private master key.

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