Can I import a seed phrase from another wallet and set up my Keevo with it?

Yes, you can import a seed phrase from another wallet and set up your Keevo with that and the associated private master key. All a user has to do is plug in a new Keevo to their Keevo Link on their personal computer and choose to set up their Keevo by entering in a seed phrase.

That said, we do not recommend this. A user who enters a seed phrase from another wallet can not guarantee that their private key, their identity and the associate crypto assets have not been or will be compromised.

Only setting up a Keevo as a "new device" (the first option) will create a new and secret seed phrase and derive a private master key that has never left the Keevo device and its secure MCU or been revealed to anyone. This seed phrase is created by a true Random Number Generator on the processor on the device and includes some user entropy or random characters that the user has entered. 

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