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Can I import my Metamask seed phrase to Keevo?

YES, you can import the seed phrase from your Metamask Wallet to your Keevo wallet.

All a user has to do is plug in a new Keevo to their Keevo LINK downloadable application on their personal computer and select to set up their Keevo by entering in a seed phrase. That said, we do not recommend this. A user who enters a seed phrase from another wallet can NO guarantee that this key, their identity and the associate crypto assets owned by the private master key has not been compromised. Only setting up a Keevo as a ""new device"" (the first option) will create a new and secret seed phrase and derive a private master key that has never left the Keevo device and its secure MCU or been revealed to anyone. This seed phrase is created by a true Random Number Generator on the processor on the device and includes some user entropy or random characters that the user has entered. This way, we believe it is more secure than using seed phrase. "

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