What are the advantages of Keevo versus other centralized solutions like Coinbase or hot wallets like Exodus?

Keevo has many advantages versus other centralized solutions.

With a centralized custodial exchange like Coinbase, you don't actually own your crypto. You have no control over your private master keys and not your keys, not your crypto. Instead, you have created an account via the centralized custodian and they have given you an IOU (I Owe You) that says they are holding your crypto assets on your behalf. You have given up your privacy to them. And, you have entrusted your security to them.

Unfortunately Mount Gox, KuCoin, Binance and many other centralized custodian solutions are vulnerable "honey pots" that have been hacked. You should ask them how much insurance they have in case that they are hacked and their crypto is stolen. Very few of them share that amount.

Furthermore, as evidence by the recent chapter 11 of FTX, BlockfFi and all too many others, many exchanges lend out and spend your crypto without holding enough reserves. You might think they are 'safe enough' or you don't have to understand the security risk inherent in blockchain technology. Unfortunately you do.

Keevo allows you to be your own bank. It offers a decentralized solution that is Secure, Private AND Easy to use. There are many advantages, including the following:

  • With a Keevo wallet, you are in control of your own private keys; you have complete privacy and authority over your digital identity and crypto assets
  • Keevo provides you with a four factor authentication method (biometric fingerprint, strong password, secure chip on the device, and carbon key) which is used to authenticate your transactions
  • With Keevo's patent-pending multi-factor 4FA system, you can have a paperless recovery system which removes the need for seed phrases. It's a lot more convenient and secure.
  • Keevo is a cold storage hardware solution that is air gapped. Your secure keys, digital identity, and private information are not online.
  • Keevo has a simple UI and a touch-screen LCD that make it easy to manage your digital identity and crypto assets.
  • Keevo offers the only trust-less inheritance service that lets a loved one transfer their crypto assets to a named beneficiary after you pass without first needing to risk their security by sharing any of their private information or keys with anybody beforehand.


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