What happens if I send my crypto to the wrong address?

We can only locate crypto which you have send to a valid public address enabled on and generated by your Keevo Wallet. If you have sent your crypto coins to another address that is not controlled by the private master key on you Keevo Wallet, you will need to access that wallet to manage it.

You can go to your settings by clicking on the gear icon on the left hand navigation bar on your Keevo LINK downloadable application. Then click on the "Accounts" tab on the top and search for/find the asset in our catalog. You can then toggle the switch next to that account to the green or "On" position, enter your password and fingerprint to authenticate your identity on your keevo wallet and add that crypto account to your Keevo device. You can then click on the top portfolio icon and see the balanace and recent transaction for that crypto account on your Keevo portfolio chart and pages.


Token/Blockchain Support