Do Keevo Wallets have seed phrases?

When a user sets up their Keevo wallet as a new device, we create a new and secret seed phrase and derive a private master key. This key has never left the Keevo device and its secure MCU and the user's seed phrase has never been revealed to anyone, including themselves.

This seed phrase is created by a true Random Number Generator on the processor on the device and includes some user entropy or random characters that the user has entered. But, when their Keevo Wallet is connected to their computer, they are logged in to their Keevo LINK downloadable application, they can tap on "Settings'' on their device Dashboard and then on the "Seed Phrase" button in the menu.

They will see the appropriate warnings on their computer screen and be asked to opt in and check the boxes that assure us they have read and agree to the risks of using a seed phrase. Then, they can authenticate themselves using any three (3) of their four (4) factors -- their Keevo device (something they have), their password (something they know), their fingerprint (something unique to them) and/or their Carbon Key(TM) (something they can store).



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