What happens if someone gets ahold of my Carbon Key and buys a new Keevo?

Nothing. Your digital identity and Private Master Key which is tied to your Keevo Wallet Device is still SAFE.

Any other person -- at Keevo, at Iron Mountain or anyone else including the thief in this question -- must have any Three (3) of the Four (4) factors which the user enters into their Keevo Wallet and which are secured and stored on their Keevo Carbon Key(TM).

Keevo has created this Four (4) factor system to authenticate the identity of a user, restore their private master key on a Keevo Wallet device and to sign a transaction.

In this question, if a thief who steals a user's Carbon Key and guesses or hacks their password they would only have Two (2) of the Four (4) factors required to authenticate the user. They would not be able to authenticate themselves and get access to the user's private master key and the crypto assets associated with it.


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